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KATS first funding partner for GIF

2024-03-14: IEC welcomes KATS as first funding partner for Global Impact Fund

New standards in the IECRE scope

IEC 61400-12:2022 Edition 1
IEC 61400-12-1:2022 Edition 3
IEC 61400-12-3:2022 Edition 1
IEC 61400-12-5:2022 Edition 1
IEC 61400-50:2022 Edition 1
IEC 61400-50-1:2022 Edition 1
IEC 61400-50-2: 2022 Edition 1

The Millionth Certified Organization in China

China is proud to announce that the number of certified organizations in China has successfully reached one million.

For more information, click here or download report Report on International Cooperation in China's Quality Certification by clicking here.

IEC ACA-IECRE workshop on Solar PV energy scheme – online, hosted by IEC Academy

You can access the recording and presentations of the IEC ACA-IECRE workshop on Solar PV energy scheme by clicking on the title above. For more information on the IEC Academy, please go to:

2021-04-07 Q & A Session with MBs regarding IECRE Vice-Chair election

We would like to remind our members that the Q&A session with the Vice-Chair candidates will take place on April 27th starting at the following time: 9pm (JP, KR), 8 PM (CN), 2 PM CET, 1 PM (UK), 8 AM (US East Coast) and 6 AM (US Denver).

Chair's Message on Q4 2020

The Chair would like to share his impressions about the fourth quarter of this year with you, please click on the title of this news item to read his message.

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