IECRE WE-OMC 2015 Meeting

The IECRE Wind Energy Operational Management Committee (WE-OMC) meeting will take place in Feldkirch, Austria, on 2015-04-20/21.

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IECRE ME-OMC 2015 Meeting

The IECRE Marine Energy Operational Management Committee (ME-OMC) meeting will take place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on 2015-04-23/24

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IECRE is the newest Conformity Assessment System in the IEC. It was created because renewable energies require an approach that covers the entire lifecycle of equipment in renewable energy sectors.

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Wind energy

In spite of their often relatively simple appearance, wind turbines are sophisticated machines. Converting mechanical wind energy to electrical power requires a number of components. The wind energy industry relies on component makers located throughout the world.

Marine energy

Marine energy is emerging as a huge and potentially unlimited source of power. Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth's surface; they are sources of huge kinetic energy from waves, currents and tides, and of thermal energy in the form of heat they collect from the sun.

Solar PV energy

As solar power is set to occupy a growing share of the future global energy mix, PV (photovoltaic) energy generation has been expanding dramatically in recent years. With new PV technologies being introduced all the time, a growing number of manufacturers offer many products incorporating PV modules.