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Small Wind - Active


  • to provide a voice and mechanism for broad stakeholder input to the conformity assessment process of small wind turbine (SWT) systems, ensuring visibility of issues unique to SWT;
  • to make recommendations to the WE-OMC and develop the necessary Operational Documents (ODs) regarding the design, testing, certification, and labeling of SWT;
  • to ensure that the understanding of international standards are uniform and relevant to SWT stakeholders; and,
  • to promote global harmonization of SWT certification schemes.


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WE-OMC SG 554 Convenor & Members

Photo: Alistair MacKinnon

Alistair MacKinnon

Energy Technology Centre

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Photo: Jerome Feldhaus

Jerome Feldhaus

WindGuard Certification GmbH

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Photo: Peggy Friis

Peggy Friis


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Photo: Yoshiaki Kenmochi

Yoshiaki Kenmochi


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Photo: Jeroen van Dam

Jeroen van Dam

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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