Solar PV energy

IECRE Sector


Working Groups and Task Forces

Terms of reference
Rules of Procedure
To maintain the rules of procedure for the PV sector, these rules include: IECRE 04 rules of procedure and the following operational documents (OD 401, 403, 403-1, 403-2, 401-1 and 404).

Responsible for OD-401 series, OD-403 series, OD-404 & OD-409.
Assessment Procedures
  • To define assessment procedures and develop necessary Operational Documents to assure that RECB/REIB applicants comply with relevant requirements of the PV sector
  • To define the requirements for peer assessment in the PV sector
  • To define master templates for certificates and inspection reports as the base for specific documents in the PV sector

Responsible for OD-408 series

To develop a 5 year business plan to include financial forecast for submission to the REMC, which will be updated annually.
Quality Control
  • To define procedures and documentation required for Quality System assessment and certification in the IECRE PV sector; including but not limited to module manufacturing, BOS component manufacturing, and system installation
  • To develop necessary Operational Documents in terms of assessment procedures, auditor competency and qualification, and consistent application of relevant standards; to meet the requirements of the PV sector

Responsible for OD-405 series & OD-410 series.