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Flyer: IECRE – Why use an RETL for your wind energy testing services?

IECRE – Why use an RETL for your wind energy testing services?


An RETL participates in proficiency testing on a global basis with a large pool of participants. The larger the pool, the better the comparison of performance will be.


Without any exception, an RETL is assessed by technically competent peers who know exactly what the items impacting the quality of test results are. This assessment also includes witnessing of ongoing tests.

Conformity Assessment Marine Energy Sector

A guide to conformity assessment for renewable energy test labs in the marine energy sector


Brochure: The IECRE



Verifying the safety, performance and reliability of renewable energy equipment and services.

Brochure: IEC work for Renewable Energy

IEC work for Renewable Energy


You will find in this brochure a selection of articles from our magazine, e-tech, on the work of IEC for Renewable Energy.

Presentation: IECRE PowerPoint presentation template

IECRE presentation template



Presentation: IECRE Conformity Assessment System

IECRE Conformity Assessment System

Kerry McManama

Executive Secretary IECEE, IECRE