RE Management Committee



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Quality Control


  • To define procedures and documentation required for Quality System assessment and certification in the IECRE PV sector; including but not limited to module manufacturing, BOS component manufacturing, and system installation
  • To develop necessary Operational Documents in terms of assessment procedures, auditor competency and qualification, and consistent application of relevant standards; to meet the requirements of the PV sector


Responsible for OD-405 series & OD-410 series.

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REMC WG 409 Convenor & Members

Photo: Masaaki Yamamichi

Masaaki Yamamichi

RTS Corporation

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Photo: Nathan Brunner

Nathan Brunner

EDP Renewables

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Photo: Bengt Jckel

Bengt Jckel


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Photo: George J Kelly

George J Kelly

Sunset Technology Inc.

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Photo: Gerhard Kleiss

Gerhard Kleiss

Solar Studies Organisation

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Photo: Jaesun Lee

Jaesun Lee

LG Electronics

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Photo: Sumanth V Lokanath

Sumanth V Lokanath

First Solar, Inc.

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Photo: Miguel Martínez Lavín

Miguel Martínez Lavín

Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, S.L.

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Photo: Tadashi Obayashi

Tadashi Obayashi

Japan Electrical Safety & Environmental Technology Laboratories

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Photo: Ingrid Repins

Ingrid Repins


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Photo: Yutao ZONG

Yutao ZONG

ICAS Shanghai Certification Assessment Co., Ltd.

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