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Promotion & Marketing



The Marketing Working Group continuously monitors and assesses industry trends to provide market validation for new areas of interest to IEC RE members. The Marketing Working Group organizes the development of communication and education programs for members, potential members on issues critical to the IECRE PVOMC future success. This may include: Tradeshow promotions, Booth Opportunities, Events & Speaking Opportunities, and Public Relations. It promotes the acceptance of the IECRE PVOMC conformity assessment system in the target market segments of the PV system financial stakeholders including: rating firms, investment funds, private equity investors, insurance companies, consumers, governmental entities.
  • The Promotions track within the marketing group works with the IECRE PVOMC to identify industry needs through surveys, market research and market surveillance
  • The Data track insures compatibility of data and collects anonymized data on certification and plant performance as justification and trend reporting. WG404 will design unique data field identifiers, definitions and characterizations where appropriate and relevant, WG404 will determine necessary data submitted to the IECRE secretariat for certification and identify public data fields

It coordinates its work with REMC WG 004.


Responsible for OD-402 & OD-407.


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REMC WG 404 Convenor & Members

Interim Convenor
Photo: Thomas Sauer

Thomas Sauer


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Photo: Jrgen Arp

Jrgen Arp


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Photo: Matthias Heinze

Matthias Heinze

TÜV Rheinland

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Photo: Steve Hogan

Steve Hogan

Hogan Renewables Technology

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Photo: Hironobu Igarashi

Hironobu Igarashi

SolarEdge Technologies Japan Ltd.

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Photo: George J Kelly

George J Kelly

Sunset Technology Inc.

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Photo: Gerhard Kleiss

Gerhard Kleiss

Solar Studies Organisation

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Photo: Jaesun Lee

Jaesun Lee

LG Electronics

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Photo: Kyungsoo Lee

Kyungsoo Lee

Korea Polytechnic University

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Photo: Sumanth V Lokanath

Sumanth V Lokanath

First Solar, Inc.

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Photo: Miguel Martínez Lavín

Miguel Martínez Lavín

Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, S.L.

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Photo: Ryan Xiao

Ryan Xiao


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Photo: Masaaki Yamamichi

Masaaki Yamamichi

RTS Corporation

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Photo: Jaeho Yun

Jaeho Yun

Korea Institute of Energy Research

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Photo: Yutao ZONG

Yutao ZONG

ICAS Shanghai Certification Assessment Co., Ltd.

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