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To maintain the rules of procedure for the PV sector, these rules include: IECRE 04 rules of procedure and the following operational documents (OD 401, 403, 403-1, 403-2, 401-1 and 404)

Responsible for OD-401 series OD-403 series, OD-404 & OD-409.


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REMC WG 401 Convenor & Members

Photo: Miguel Martínez Lavín

Miguel Martínez Lavín

Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, S.L.

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Photo: Steve Hogan

Steve Hogan

Hogan Renewables Technology

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Photo: Liang Ji

Liang Ji


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Photo: Wei Kang

Wei Kang

China Quality Certification Centre

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Photo: Changheon Kim

Changheon Kim

Green Energy Institute

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Photo: Kyung Soo Kim

Kyung Soo Kim

Korea Institute of Energy Research

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Photo: Seongwon Kim

Seongwon Kim

Korean Testing Laboratory

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Photo: Gerhard Kleiss

Gerhard Kleiss

Solar Studies Organisation

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Photo: Sumanth V Lokanath

Sumanth V Lokanath

First Solar, Inc.

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Photo: Ana Mariblanca Sánchez

Ana Mariblanca Sánchez


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Photo: Arnaud Marquant

Arnaud Marquant

Bureau Veritas

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Photo: Thomas Sauer

Thomas Sauer


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Photo: Hiroshi Takahashi

Hiroshi Takahashi

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

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Photo: Masaaki Yamamichi

Masaaki Yamamichi

RTS Corporation

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