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WG360 is tasked with developing and maintaining the necessary Operational Documents (ODs) to operate ME Sector Certification Schemes and deliverables.



The scope of WG360 is to develop the ME Certification Schemes (ME Schemes) and to write and maintain the necessary Operational Documents (ODs) to operate the ME Schemes and deliverables. WG360 should work closely with WG301 and WG306 to ensure that the ME Schemes and deliverables are aligned with the ME Sector Rules, the business plan and the budget. WG360 should:

  • Develop and maintain a list of existing IEC/ISO Standards, Technical Specifications and Guidelines, etc. for immediate use in testing and certification;
  • Develop and maintain a prioritized list of ME Schemes and deliverables based on industry needs and the Standards, Technical Specifications and Guidelines (in close collaboration with WG301 and TC114);
  • Identify gaps in TC114 Technical Specifications (in close liaison with TC114);
    • Missing Technical Specifications needed for certification
    • Missing technical content in the existing Technical Specifications
  • Write, and ultimately maintain, relevant documents (ODs) to operate the prioritized Marine Energy Schemes and deliverables

WG360 should consider IECRE System and Sector level Schemes and the following topics for inclusion, among others:

  • For each ME Scheme and deliverable:
    • Write requirements
    • Ensure deliverables make mutual recognition possible
    • Stages of certification
      • Detailed steps covering design, manufacture, fabrication, transportation, assembly, testing, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning, among others
      • For whole systems, sub systems and components
    • Which standards are applicable, and their interpretation, where necessary
    • Ensure consistent and accurate use of terms, such as: declaration, verification, and validation


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REMC WG 360 Convenor & Members

Photo: Winston DSouza

Winston DSouza

Lloyd's Register

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Photo: Peter Scheijgrond

Peter Scheijgrond

Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)

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Photo: Gabriel M Alsenas

Gabriel M Alsenas

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University

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Photo: Elaine Buck

Elaine Buck


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Photo: Claudio Bittenvourt Ferreira

Claudio Bittencourt Ferreira


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Photo: Rick Driscoll

Rick Driscoll

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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Photo: Guillaume Gauthier

Guillaume Gauthier

Bardot Group

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Photo: Gregory Germain

Gregory Germain


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Photo: Budi Gunawan

Budi Gunawan

Sandia National Laboratories

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Photo: Marlne Kiersnowski

Marlne Kiersnowski

nergie de la Lune

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Photo: Richard Kilpatrick

Richard Kilpatrick


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Photo: Aude LeBlanc

Aude LeBlanc

Bureau Veritas

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Photo: Calum Miller

Calum Miller

Orbital Marine Power

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Photo: Walter Musial

Walter Musial

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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Photo: Sundeep Reddy

Sundeep Reddy

Orbital Marine Power

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Photo: Edouard Richard

Edouard Richard

Bureau Veritas

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Photo: Anton Schaap

Anton Schaap


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Photo: Jeff Steynor

Jeff Steynor

Edinburgh University

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Photo: Atsuhiko Umeda

Atsuhiko Umeda

Ocean Energy Association of Japan (OEAJ)

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Photo: Richard Williams

Richard Williams

Oregon Applied Research, LLC

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