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WG306 is tasked with developing and maintaining the ME-OMC budget and business plan.



The scope of WG306 is to develop and maintain a 5-year budget and strategic business plan for the ME Sector. WG306 will work closely with WG301 and WG360 to ensure that ME Certification Schemes (ME Schemes) and deliverables, and the timeframe for their introduction and operation, are aligned with projected ME sector income and expenses.


WG306 will work closely with REMC WG006 to ensure that the ME-OMC business plan and budget are integrated into the IECRE budget in time for WG006 to meet its annual budget submission deadlines. The WG306 annual budgeting and strategic planning process will adhere as closely as possible to the following schedule:

  • By the first business day of October, WG306 will distribute a draft budget and business plan to the ME-OMC for its review and approval;
  • By December 15th, the ME-OMC will complete its review and approval of the budget and strategic plan and the ratified documents will then be forwarded to REMC WG006 for integration into the consolidated IECRE budget.


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REMC WG 306 Convenor & Members

Photo: Bill Staby

Bill Staby

Resolute Marine Energy, Inc

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Photo: Gabriel M Alsenas

Gabriel M Alsenas

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University

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Photo: Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn

EMEC: European Marine Energy Centre

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Photo: Martijn Geertzen

Martijn Geertzen


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Photo: Edouard Richard

Edouard Richard

Bureau Veritas

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