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Rules of Procedure



WG301 is tasked with developing and maintaining ME-OMC Rules of Procedure.



The scope of WG301 is to write and maintain the Rules of Procedure for the ME Sector.  WG301 should work closely with REMC WG001 to ensure System level harmonization where possible.  WG301 should work closely with WG360 and WG306 to ensure that the ME Sector Rules are aligned with the ME Certification Schemes (ME Schemes) and deliverables as well as the business plan and budget. 


WG301 should consider the IECRE Rules of Procedure, other IEC System Rules of Procedure and the inclusion of the following topics, among others, as shown in the examples below:

  • Mechanics for the ME Sector:
    • Definition of ME-CBs and ME-TLs
    • How CBs and TLs participate in the ME Sector, both individually and in combination with one another
      • How CBs and TLs apply to the ME Sector and the ME Schemes
    • How device or product developers apply for Testing and/or Certification under the ME Sector and ME Schemes
    • Peer Assessment
      • Competence - who is responsible for competence assessment and how competence assessment makes use of existing testing systems, such as Proficiency Testing
    • Mutual recognition of deliverables
      • Exchange of ME Scheme deliverables (e.g. Test Reports, Certificates, Conformity Statements, etc.)
  • What are the Procedures for the operation of the ME Sector within the IECRE System rules
  • What are the ME Schemes and deliverables (developed in coordination with WG360 and WG306)
  • How to handle sector specific issues (e.g. test reports and/or certificates, Re-assessment, appeals, suspension, non- compliance, surveillance during manufacture/ongoing operational surveillance, etc.)


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Jonathan Colby

Verdant Power

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Elaine Buck


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Bardot Group

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Orbital Marine Power

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Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)

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Resolute Marine Energy, Inc

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Ocean Energy Association of Japan (OEAJ)

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