RE Management Committee



Title / Task




  1. To establish a funding model for the IECRE budget
  2. To propose to the IECRE member bodies and Executive Group an annual budget forecast covering the next five years
  3. In case any of the proposed budgets shows a deficit, to discuss possible scenarios and mechanisms, covering both the income and expenditure side of the budget, to ensure that such a deficit can be avoided
  4. To propose a final budget, as per 13.5 of the Basic Rules, to the IECRE Member Bodies and the Executive Group, and subsequently to the Executive Secretary for submittal to the Treasurer for circulation to the Member Bodies, as per clause 8.5 b). Such a budget must not show a deficit.

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REMC WG 006 Convenor & Members

Photo: Gabriel M Alsenas

Gabriel M Alsenas

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University

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Photo: Dan Brake

Dan Brake


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Photo: Jonathan Colby

Jonathan Colby

Verdant Power

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Photo: Eric Effern

Eric Effern

Windtest Grevenbroich GmbH

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Photo: Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn

EMEC: European Marine Energy Centre

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Photo: Martijn Geertzen

Martijn Geertzen


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Photo: Toby Gillespie

Toby Gillespie

Wind Technology

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Photo: Ellen Hyldgaard

Ellen Hyldgaard

Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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Photo: George J Kelly

George J Kelly

Sunset Technology Inc.

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Photo: Rosa Kim

Rosa Kim

Korean Testing Certification

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Photo: Gerhard Kleiss

Gerhard Kleiss

Solar Studies Organisation

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Photo: Johnny Lillelund

Johnny Lillelund

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S

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Photo: Alistair MacKinnon

Alistair MacKinnon

Energy Technology Centre

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Photo: Ana Mariblanca Sánchez

Ana Mariblanca Sánchez


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Photo: Miguel Martínez Lavín

Miguel Martínez Lavín

Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, S.L.

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Photo: Chong Ng

Chong Ng

ORE Catapult

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Photo: Frank Ormel

Frank Ormel

Vestas Wind Systems

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Photo: Florin Pintilie

Florin Pintilie

Wood (Clean Energy)

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Photo: Edouard Richard

Edouard Richard

Bureau Veritas

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Photo: Eric Rouaix

Eric Rouaix

Bureau Veritas Certification

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Photo: Thomas Sauer

Thomas Sauer


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Photo: Bill Staby

Bill Staby

Resolute Marine Energy, Inc

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Photo: Akihiro Suzuki

Dr. Akihiro Suzuki

Renewable Energy Measurement and Testing Inc.

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Photo: Bente Vestergaard

Bente Vestergaard

DNV GL Denmark A/S

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Photo: Oliver Wragg

Oliver Wragg

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Limited

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