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Promotion & Marketing


To coordinate, educate and facilitate promotion of the IECRE system with broad participation of international stakeholders, including:

  • Develop and propose vision and mission statements as well as a comprehensive, holistic IECRE strategy for IECRE.
  • Make the promotion of the IECRE services efficient and powerful by coordinated/collective efforts and measured results.
  • Promote IECRE services and educate stakeholders with information that is relevant to the specific target audience.
  • Develop training and onboarding material for new participants in the system
  • Represent IECRE at relevant stakeholder groups, including conferences, associations and regulators.
  • Collect anonymized data on certification and plant performance as justification and trend reporting, and maintain an up-to-date system for field identifiers, definitions, and characterization where appropriate and relevant.
  • Develop the sales and marketing plan for IECRE, also as input for WG 006.

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REMC WG 004 Convenor & Members

Photo: Thomas Sauer

Thomas Sauer


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Photo: Sandy Butterfield

Sandy Butterfield

Boulder Wind Consulting

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Photo: Wallace Ebner

Wallace Ebner

ARESCA (American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association)

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Photo: Steve Hogan

Steve Hogan

Hogan Renewables Technology

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Photo: Hironobu Igarashi

Hironobu Igarashi

SolarEdge Technologies Japan Ltd.

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Photo: George J Kelly

George J Kelly

Sunset Technology Inc.

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Photo: Gerhard Kleiss

Gerhard Kleiss

Solar Studies Organisation

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Photo: Kyungsoo Lee

Kyungsoo Lee

Korea Polytechnic University

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Photo: Sumanth V Lokanath

Sumanth V Lokanath

First Solar, Inc.

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Photo: Miguel Martínez Lavín

Miguel Martínez Lavín

Certification Entity for Renewable Energies, S.L.

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Photo: Weiping Pan

Weiping Pan

R & D Center of Goldwind

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Photo: Haiyan Qin

Haiyan Qin

China General Certification (CGC)

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Photo: Peter Scheijgrond

Peter Scheijgrond

Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)

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Photo: Bill Staby

Bill Staby

Resolute Marine Energy, Inc

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Photo: Luosheng Xiao

Luosheng Xiao

China General Certification center

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Photo: Fengming Xu

Fengming Xu

SPIC power Plant Operation Technology Beijing Co. Ltd.

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Photo: Masaaki Yamamichi

Masaaki Yamamichi

RTS Corporation

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Photo: Yutao ZONG

Yutao ZONG

ICAS Testing Technology Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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