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REMC Task Force 5 "PV Operational Documents and Rating System"


  • Oversee the development of the initial PV rating system
  • Maintain or oversee any maintenance and updates of the PV rating system resulting from continuous improvements
  • Develop, establish, maintain, and update the operational documents needed to enable an effective rating system operation
  • The IECRE CA System does not appear to be generally consistent with a generic CA System model
  • There is no apparent context established for the assessment – the first "block" in the generic system
  • There is no apparent understanding of the underlying quality management system
  • Testing levels are (OD 405-2, OD 410-2) prescribed, not based on the specifics of the underlying QMS of the end user subject to CA
  • Internal inconsistency within OD regarding coverage over the PV project life-cycle as the PV CA System does not appear to be based on customer needs, e. g.:
  • Pre NTP (notice to proceed) certification does not exist
  • COD (commercial operation date) certification is essentially an assembly of a number of certificates
  • Operating and performance certifications are not fully comprehensive in OD 402 or OD 404
  • consistency in structure of the ODs – e. g. certification requirements are explicitly set out in annexes in some ODs (e. g. OD 401) but not in others (e. g. OD 405-1 and 410-1)
  • No consistent references to the standards which should be the basis of the conformity assessment (e. g. OD 401-1) or standards not identified in the Annex (e. g. OD 404)
  • Some groupings of activities within an OD lack apparent consistency, e.g. "installation" (a one-off process) is together with "operation and maintenance" (a recurring process) within OD 410-1 and OD 410-3
  • The OD structure is not evidently clear as the ODs represent a mixture of partial system compliance, component compliance, process, and people skill requirements
  • Some key components of a PV system are not yet covered on manufacturer level
  • Some "standards" (e.g. IEC TS 63049) are not a standard but a self-contained CA System
  • Some PV system elements (e. g. "Installation") are referenced by multiple ODs (401, 401-1, 403, 403-1, 410-1, 410-3), often referencing the same standard
  • Overall, the IECRE CA System does not present a user focused, understandable, complete system

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Thomas Sauer


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