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    The WE-OMC End User Working Group (SG553) shall be open to stakeholders utilizing the WE-OMC certification schemes who are not involved in testing or manufacturing of wind energy equipment. The SG553 shall focus on issues that provide value to stakeholders within the sector. SG553 stakeholders include: Wind developers, owners, operators, service providers, insurers, financiers, land-owners, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), and Agents (e.g. Consultants) acting on the behalf of the aforementioned. In reporting to the WE-OMC, the duties of SG553 are to operate as a stakeholder committee to support the scheme to serve market needs, to build trust and in addition to the Terms of Reference of the WE-OMC, shall:
  • Promote mutual recognition of IEC certificates, test reports, and other documents produced through the scheme;
  • Voice the requirements of the End Users for the certification system;
  • Clarify Market Requirements for the certification process;
  • Provide recommendation to the system to ensure competitive Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) for wind;
  • Encourage improvements in safety and reliability;
  • Be an advocate for the system.


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REMC SG 553 Convenor & Members

Photo: Wallace Ebner

Wallace Ebner

ARESCA (American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association)

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Photo: Dan Brake

Dan Brake


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Photo: Pernille Skouboe Daub

Pernille Skouboe Daub

Danish Energy Agency

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Photo: Thomas Engelhardt

Thomas Engelhardt

innogy SE

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Photo: Caroline Haase

Caroline Haase


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Photo: Leo Jensen

Leo Jensen

Dong Energy

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Photo: Tom Kristiansen

Tom Kristiansen

Codan Forsikring A/S

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Photo: Ki-Yeoung Kweon

Ki-Yeoung Kweon

KETEP (Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning)

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Photo: Lei Liu

Lei Liu

Beijing TianRun New Energy Investment Co.,Ltd.

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Photo: Thomas Lombardet

Thomas Lombardet

EDF Energies Nouvelles

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Photo: Brian McNiff

Brian McNiff


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Photo: Emil Moroz

Emil Moroz


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Photo: Jendrik Meyer

Jendrik Meyer


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Photo: Simon Pansart

Simon Pansart

Innogy SE

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Photo: Robert Sherwin

Robert Sherwin

EAPC Wind Energy

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Photo: Seung-Ho Song

Seung-Ho Song

Kwangwoon University

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Photo: Thomas Starr

Thomas F. Starr Jr.


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Photo: Anna Thiesbrummel

Anna Thiesbrummel

EnBW Energie Baden-WŁrttemberg AG

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Photo: Dirk van Bonn

Dirk van Bonn


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Photo: Uta Wolf

Uta Wolf

Orsted Wind Power Germany GmbH

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Photo: Chao Xu

Chao Xu

SPIC power Plant Operation Technology Beijing Co. Ltd.

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