RE Management Committee



Working Groups and Task Forces

Terms of reference
Maintenance and Development of IECRE Rules
  • maintenance and development of IECRE Rules,
  • to develop a gap analysis of where we are at and where we want to be in relation to the existing rules,
  • to review existing terms of reference of other similar WGs existing under other IEC Systems,
  • to collaborate with any and all REMC and OMC WGs.
Customer Testing Facilities (CTF)
WG-003 intends to formalize the process of Customer Testing Facilities (CTF) by characterizing Customer Testing Facilities (CTF) for all OMCs and developing and maintaining rules e.g. procedures, ODs, etc. to allow the use of test results of these facilities in the IECRE system in a similar manner like IECRE TLs.
Promotion & Marketing

To coordinate, educate and facilitate promotion of the IECRE system with broad participation of international stakeholders, including:

  • Develop and propose vision and mission statements as well as a comprehensive, holistic IECRE strategy for IECRE.
  • Make the promotion of the IECRE services efficient and powerful by coordinated/collective efforts and measured results.
  • Promote IECRE services and educate stakeholders with information that is relevant to the specific target audience.
  • Develop training and onboarding material for new participants in the system
  • Represent IECRE at relevant stakeholder groups, including conferences, associations and regulators.
  • Collect anonymized data on certification and plant performance as justification and trend reporting, and maintain an up-to-date system for field identifiers, definitions, and characterization where appropriate and relevant.
  • Develop the sales and marketing plan for IECRE, also as input for WG 006.
1. To establish a funding model for the IECRE budget
2. To propose to the IECRE member bodies and Executive Group an annual budget forecast covering the next five years

3. In case any of the proposed budgets shows a deficit, to discuss possible scenarios and mechanisms, covering both the income and expenditure side of the budget, to ensure that such a deficit can be avoided

4. To propose a final budget, as per 13.5 of the Basic Rules, to the IECRE Member Bodies and the Executive Group, and subsequently to the Executive Secretary for submittal to the Treasurer for circulation to the Member Bodies, as per clause 8.5 b). Such a budget must not show a deficit.
Personnel certification

Market research to determine if there is a real need for this type of certification, assess regional differences and legal frame works.


The WG is tasked with developing Terms of Reference for this WG, which shall include: market research to determine if there is a real need for this type of certification, assess regional differences and legal frame works. The REMC recommends special consideration be given to existing programs and what value the REMC could offer in that respect. This WG is further to collaborate with the OMCs and to take into account their needs, and in collaboration with relevant Technical Committees.

Hybrid/Microgrid systems

To develop and maintain the rules of procedure for the Hybrid/Microgrid certification scheme, which will include, but not limited to, all the ODs necessary for the scheme as follows, as for now

defining Hybrid/Microgrid system configuration for certification

defining lifecycle stages for certification issuance;

defining procedural elements and steps for certification at each stage

To provide advice on certification matters to all IECRE committees, working groups and task forces and cooperate with IEC SMB TCs and WGs for harmonization.

Grid code compliance
  • To reach out to system operators in the member countries through the member bodies to participate in the WG009 and establishing Liaisons between IECRE and relevant external organisations
  • to specify guidance for acceptance criteria for RECBs, RETLs, RECTFs and REIBs within IECRE for grid code compliance certification
  • to prepare new ODs for harmonized certification, testing and simulation model validation in the field of grid code compliance
  • to establish references to IEC standards and committees related to grid code compliance