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The overall responsibility for the operation of the IECRE System is vested in the REMC, which is a committee of the IEC and operates under the authority of the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB). The CAB has delegated the management and overall operational responsibility related to the IECRE System to the REMC.


The composition of the REMC is a delegation from each Member Body which takes account of all interests in the conformity assessment process at national level, including those of regulatory authorities, end users, manufacturers, service providers, test labs and conformity assessment bodies



Photo: Sandy Butterfield

Mr Sandy Butterfield



Boulder Wind Consulting


Photo: Qin Haiyan

Mr Qin Haiyan

IECRE Vice-Chair


China General Certification

P.R. China

Photo: Kerry McManama

Mr. Kerry McManama

IECRE Executive Secretary



c/o IEC Central Office

3, Rue de Varembé

P.O. Box 131

1211 GENEVA 20


Photo: Gabriel Alsenas

Mr. Gabriel Alsenas

IECRE Treasurer


Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center


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