What IECRE is

Vision, Mission & Values

IECRE vision

As a fundamental pillar enabling sustainable electricity generation and supply, IECRE is the internationally accepted conformity assessment system for all power plants producing, storing, or converting energy from renewable sources; which ensures that essential quality and safety standards are met, and as a consequence, reliable performance can be expected.

IECRE mission

Our mission is to establish, to administer, and to continuously improve a conformity assessment system in line with our vision. To enable our registered participants to offer up-to-date, market driven, efficient, and effective conformity assessment services to ensure state-of-the-art safety and quality standards are implemented in all renewable energy power plants certified under the IECRE system. To build a collaboration with IECRE registered certification bodies, inspection bodies, test laboratories, independent engineers, and customer test facilities to benefit market users.

IECRE values


  • Take personal responsibility to make IECRE successful and ensure long-term existence
  • Take action if things go wrong
  • Expect return on investment to be results- and success-oriented
  • Don't accept a conduct that violates the IECRE vision or mission

Market Driven CA Value Proposition

  • Make market success the most important goal
  • Look at things the way the customer sees them
  • Relate innovations to services, processes and the organization
  • Time to market responding to customer needs in line with vision


  • Focus all efforts on current and future market needs


  • Strengthen knowledge base in materials and systems
  • Make knowledge accessible to co-workers

Integrity and Reliability

  • Walk the talk - back up words with actions
  • Respect people
  • Contribute to a safe environment
  • Conduct any conformity assessment work in line with rules of procedure and operational documents
  • Actively promote the IECRE conformity assessment system